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Got my car back from the dealership tonight

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Picked up my V tonight from the dealership tonight. The rear end wasn't blown, it was a half shaft. So they replaced the following:

pn# 89047648 Shaft Kit 5.420 C

I also had the clutch TSB done. For that they replaced:

pn# 12581713 plate 0.859.

Only problem is that when I was backing it into the garage I heard a slight grinding/growling noise. Does anyone know if they need to change the rear end fluid when they do a half shaft? There is no oil on the invoice so I have a feeling they don't. Just wondering if the noise may be because they left out the limited slip additive.

I will experiment with it tomorrow to see if I can figure out what's going on. Hopefully it doesn't have to go back to the dealership. I am itching to install the headers...
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The shaft can be changed without loss of fluid.
It should have the G80 fluid in it from the factory.
Sometimes when turning if you hear noise you just need to change the fluid in the diff.
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