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Got a puppy!

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My girlfriend and I got a puppy after 3 months of research and visiting breeders all over IL, MI, and IN.

We got a Miniature Australian Shephard, 14 weeks old from a well known breeder in Northern Illinois.

It has been a week so far and she is doing really well. We named her "Ginger." She is learning to ring a bell when she has to go out for a bathroom break. Very loving, docile, and respectful.

Here are a few pictures:

My only rule is that Ginger cannot ride in the Cadillac. She loves riding in our Station Wagon and Infiniti QX4 though :thumbsup:

Take care,
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Cute pup! But no Cadillac rides? Our dog loves riding in the Caddies!

Similar in various ways to our 3 Shelties, but even cuter:thumbsup:

Now if only we could train THEM to ring a bell for potty time...good work already! And yes, even I'll succumb to taking one or two in the Caddy...the smallest one loves it, and cleaning the window and brushing off the seat isn't so bad. Just not frequently.
Thank YOU!!! I was so afraid it would be a chihuhahua (sp?) Nothing against any chihuahua owners but I see them every time someone says " I got a puppy" lol NIce to see a different type.

Beautiful dog, reminds me of the 2 shelties we used to have , RIP. Both made it over 12 years.

Hopefully she doesnt get carsick :)
She's precious! :gurl:
:highfive: VERY cute!
she doesnt ride in the cadi u say? My girlfriends Bichon frise gets in my car sometimes when we go down the shore... =/ ... my heart rate increases 40 beats/minute each time she does...

congrats :thumbsup:
Thanks! She did great last night, she went 4 hours before having to go out to the bathroom :thumbsup:

Time to collect a poop sample for the Vet today...:rant2:
that's a badass dog....I like the grown up versions...the mini must be awesome...

have fun with the herding instincts they can be fun or a handfull

we had an olde english who used to herd neighborhood dogs into our yard
Great dog! Enjoy her.

Hoover loves to go for rides, and as I found on the road trip to Des Moines, he's an excellent road tripper. I think he learned the words "Rest Area" since he seemed to notice when my Dad or I would mention one was coming up.

I have a nice, thick blanket that I put on the bottom seat cushion to protect the leather and another blanket I can tuck into the backrest. So it's no problem taking Hoover in the Cadillac, other than the need to vacuum.

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Awww Ginger is so cute :)
welcome to the puppy club....heres Griff doing what he does best, relaxing with his fave shark and chewing.

Thanks! I hope she grows up to be as nice as your pups! :thumbsup:
Cute puppy and beautiful markings. :)

Here are mine:

Ayn (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) She's roughly 6 months old.

Sami (Boston Terrier that I "inherited" from a friend)

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cute beasts, Caleigh! Where the hell you been????

(I loves me some Caleigh).....

Welch Corgi! That's the dog we were gonna buy back when we were looking at one! Wonderful dogs!
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