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I am new to this message board. I have a 93 lumina z34 with the ASG 5.0L engine swap done. This engine is just like the 4.9L just with the insides changed. I have some problems that are going on. Ever since i have had the car there has been a rough idle. I have changed most of the vacuum lines and i still have the problem. Another problem is that i have two codes in the computer. One is a power steering switch open circuit, (changed the switch and the code is still there) and the second one is a left front to right rear fuel bank difference. Does anyone know anything about either one of these codes. Another problem that is going on is the car wants to stall at a low rpm and sometimes will jerk or buck when you accelerate. The last problem is when i step on the gas it feels like i have lost power and not enough fuel is being sent to the motor. All of these problems happend in the last month and i havent driving the car since these problems have happend. Any information would be appreciated.

Matthew Materese
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