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Got a factory CD player on ebay! Need help!

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:cool2: Hey guys. Got a factory Cadillac Cd player for my 90 Brougham, from a 90 Brougham.

Whit i need to know is this
You really think only 127 came with this option?
And (it comes with the wires) but do you think i need that amp, or can i use my old one.
Anyhting else i should know would be appreciated.

moving up in life, im pumped. I got a CD player!! I only own 1 cd though!!! Haha.

Fogot to add, i also got a factory arm rest cupholder!!!
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You might have to find a control box for a Brougham with the 6 speaker set-up; like Brougham mentioned, there were 2 speakers additional to stock. The control unit for a regular radio only has 4 sets of speaker wires coming out of it. Give me an hour or 2, and I'll look it up in the service manual for you.
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