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Happiness then bummed then happiness then bummed.

So I found out early in my track recording days that more cockpit, the more contrast with the speeding outside the faster the video looks. If it's all windshield, it's slow. When someone stuck a GoPro on my moonroof at VIR and at the Tail of the Dragon, it looked slow.

So today I take out my GoPro to stick on my TC for some back road action. First I was bummed because it didn't take to being on the charger the night before. So i threw it on the charger in the car for 20 minutes.

I stuck it at the base if the windshield where it meets the hood. It had enough to record the 10+ minute run.

Unfortunately, I had it set on 1080P but in wide format. All the sweet curves look like gentle bends.


So...any tips from those who've used these?
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