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2005 Black Raven CTS 1SB, Luxury and Sport packages
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I have about 14K miles on mine and there is still plenty of tread. I asked the guy at the tire shop about them when I had my wheels swapped. He said RS-As typically last 20-25K miles, which I don't consider acceptable on a vehicle that's not a sports car.

I want a tire that will last 30-40K even if I have to give up a little handling. I plan to replace them with Avon Tech M550 A/S or Yokohama AVID V4S tires.

My experience with the tires so far: No complaints about the handling. They are noisy on certain types of pavement or when hitting imperfections in the road. They spin and slide more than I would like in snow and ice. They spin too easily on wet pavement or under hard acceleration. I can spin them at 45 MPH on a damp road without completely flooring it and without performance mode on. I have to drive almost like I'm on ice when it rains. I can't imagine what a V is like with these tires.
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