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Well, after just 10,100 miles, my Goodyear F1 all seasons were almost completely worn out. No hot rodding either. Alignment on car was perfect. Tires were rotated and balanced twice.

I contacted both the retailer (Discount Tire) and Goodyear. Both parties agreed that there was no life on these tires. Disc Tire and Goodyear gave me a credit to apply to any tire I want, and my cost would be minimal.

Good documentation, regular rotation, balance, alignment, etc along with proof of these services worked.

I did not beat up the retailer or the manufact, but I did quote the manufact's marketing materials, their specifications, the treadwear rating on the sidewall, etc. Bingo!! I came out on the good end.

I am very thankful to both companies for their efforts to turn me from a disappointed customer to a very happy customer.
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