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Good Samaritan

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Just wanted to say there are still nice people these days.

I was selling my Plasma TV on ebay real cheap because it developed a line at the outer edge and I had given up on fixing it. Out of no where a guy named Jeffrey emails me and tells me his TV had the same problem and he got it fixed for about 300 bucks.

I prodded him a little more and he said the repair guy told him it was either a power supply or something being too tight. So sure enough I took the thing apart tonight and started carefully flexing it at each corner of the case, and finally when I reached the top right corner, the line went away and reappeared on command as I flexed it in and out.

Im going to send the guy a little thank you gift to his PayPal address.
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Tom, I prefer Plasma to LCD for the Black Levels. The new larger LCDs also contain fans just like the Plasma's do but my Sony is ultra quiet. I didnt even know mine had fans til I popped it open.

Well guys, as of 2:25AM I now know what the problem is. It appears there is one of those ancient carmel colored plastic ribbons that connects the screen to the board at one junction that is the sole propietor of the annoyance. There is about 6 of these junctions all along the bottom of a typical Plasma television. It would appear that when I was flexing the case I was making the contact complete and not until I disconnected one of those things completely in a little impromptu test did I realize what they did. I basically disconnected one and an entire set of about 15 rows of pixels went nuts.

So now Im going to try to fix it once and for all. I may come out of this either spending nothing but my time, or maybe a small circuit board which the ribbon cable attaches to.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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