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Good Samaritan

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Just wanted to say there are still nice people these days.

I was selling my Plasma TV on ebay real cheap because it developed a line at the outer edge and I had given up on fixing it. Out of no where a guy named Jeffrey emails me and tells me his TV had the same problem and he got it fixed for about 300 bucks.

I prodded him a little more and he said the repair guy told him it was either a power supply or something being too tight. So sure enough I took the thing apart tonight and started carefully flexing it at each corner of the case, and finally when I reached the top right corner, the line went away and reappeared on command as I flexed it in and out.

Im going to send the guy a little thank you gift to his PayPal address.
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Esteemed Caddyfriends,

Good news is always extra good,
as a direct consequence of the
general scarcity of good news.

Do you find that Plasma runs
hotter & more costly than LCD
;and, moreover, that the fan comes
on, and makes noise and shit when
you are trying to watch that skinny
assed noisey TV?

Please advise.

Best Wishes,

TomDeville :cool2:
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