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94' Seville STS
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Good fresh time-serted 94' SLS engine on ebay.

This guy just finished the engine and the reserve is set at $500 + $300 freight. I would buy it for a spare but I don't want a down grade in power from my STS.

94 Northstar 4.6L SLS Engine

This engine is in excellent condition, it was removed from my wife’s car.
I pulled both heads and had them pressure checked and surfaced.
I put Time-serts in all the head bolt holes and used new bolts and head gaskets.
I remove the bottom of the engine and time-serted the main bearing holes
I installed a new oil manifold, rear main seal and front main seal.
The block was re-assembled using the GM Sealant called out by the Cadillac dealer.
The injectors were removed and cleaned.
I installed a new idle control module.
I installed a new oil pressure switch.
I installed a new water temp sensor.
everything torque down to manufacture specs.
New spark plugs will be installed before shipping.

Anybody else need it?
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