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Good deal on a "new" 05 SRX??

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My wife was in an accident with her Trailblazer and one of her favorite vehicles have always been the SRX. Buying a new one is out of the question right now since we are still paying off the negative equity from when I had to trade in my 05 CTS V (due to a medical problem in my left hip). As you can see by my ID and # of posts, I have been around this site before. I found a black 05 SRX AWD V8 (no options) at a local dealer. After my test drive (it was nice to drive a Cadillac again) the salesman said the owner was trying to sell it for about 10-12k under sticker ($52k). I'm not going to pay $40k for a 2 year old (soon to be 3 year old vehicle) which may explain why it is still not sold. It only has 600 miles so is probably one of the lowest mileage 05s out there. What do you think is a good price? I was thinking $35k tops. Yes it is "new" but it is still almost 3 years old. I'm generally waiting to see if they total my Trailblazer or not which is a big difference in my down payment since it is paid off (just received the title about 3 weeks before the crash). Well I'm not going to pay more then $35k since I already got screwed with depreciation once. I probably should have bought the SRX in the first place due to my hip condition but driving the V made it worse.
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What did you trade the V in on, the Trailblazer? Not sure I get where that negative equity went if the TB is paid off :hmm:

In any case I agree with you, all your really getting here is just an ultra low mileage car. Miles can be enticing but in the end you can end up waay overpaying for something with low miles to where you dont end up with much net gain over the 20; or hell in this case even 10000 mile car of comparable year.

Id say 35 at the absolute ceiling, but I dont think its WORTH 35 given what you can get out there with 10 or 20k on it. If the novelty of the mileage and being "new" is worth that much to you I wont blame you for that, but Id stick with a nice used 04 for substantially less (and im talkin LOW to mid 20s), or an 06 with substantial refinements over 04 and 05, maybe even a base 07 for that kind of money.
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Good to see you again playdrv4me.

I already owned the 2003 Trailblazer when I bought my 05 V. Once I started to have hip problems (It would be real painful after being in traffic all day with the V) I knew I had to find a different car. So in Dec 05 I sold my 05 V for an 06 Envoy Denali and I had to add some negative equity from the V. That is a big reason why I can't afford a new Cadillac (more like not willing to have 2 real big car payments).

I'm looking for other SRXs in my area but I haven't seen too many of them on the used car lot, at least not since I've been forced to look for a new car in the last week.
Thx, nice to be back!

Given the time constraints, it may be worthwhile to do a quick ebay and autotrader scan for something pristine with lots of warranty coverage. Ive never been beyond traveling a little to get my car, but I know some people just dont trust something they cant put their hands on.

Man ive got to tell you, bein in the negative equity boat as many times as I have been (and surely will continue to be until I get my dealer thing going), the more I think about it Im just not feelin 35k for a 2 year old SRX. Imagine if it got in an accident, even Gap coverage only covers 25 percent max of the vehicle's total value. Im gonna say pass here. Just me tho.
I agree. Pass on it. Last summer, before I decided to short term lease a new one, I could get an 06 loaded for 36K. And I am talking V8,AWD, MRC, power pedals, rear DVD, roof, third row, and NAV. There were several with 5 to 10 thousand miles on them here in Michigan . Also, The 06 has some nice improvements.
Suggest checking with Kelly Blue Book .. and remember the 2005 V8s had quite a few options (UV, power pedals, power seats, rear air, digital OnStar)included in base price; seems KBB more in order of $30k - $32k.
I would also add (if included) ~ $3k for GM extended warranty. So $35k would be a reasonable price (to us if we were buying) for the package; and yes, would guess the price will have to go down even more when 2008s arrive.

We would not go for an 04, based on comments on this forum.

We love our 2005 N*V8 RWD SRX, delivered Jan 2005
Good luck, we are sure that you will love the 05 even if its an "old" model.
I think not a good deal. I see '07's advertised with 5 to 8,000 miles for $37,000. Do not know about your area. Also, getting in and out of the '05 may not be good for your bad hip compared to an '06 or '07.
Was the 2006 the redesign year for the SRX? It seems like they reduced the price but also bunched up the standard features into optional packages on 06. My guess is that Cadillac was trying to appeal to buyers with a cheaper MSRP.

The Utah market isn't the best for big name luxury cars. I know there are not too many SRXs around because my wife would be saying "Oh, there is my dream car" often.

I'll probably push for around $28k and move up slightly from there, mentioning the new options on the 06, better drive train warranty on the 07+ and the 08s coming out. I'm not willing to pay much more then the low 30s for a 3 year old used car. Someone else needs to absorb the inital depreciation this time.

Thanks for all the help and I'll post the dealership's owner's verdict tomorrow. I'm not to confident though since it hasn't sold in 3 years.
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The big differences in 06 were the narrow doorsills and power liftgate. The interior was redone for 07.
I'll probably push for around $28k and move up slightly from there, mentioning the new options on the 06, better drive train warranty on the 07+ and the 08s coming out. /QUOTE]

Sounds reasonable.
For comparison, I bought a used 2005 N* with Ultraview, bose/Nav/XM and almost every other option, with 4800 miles, and paid $36k for it in July of 2005

Given its basically a base model, you should pay no more than $30k, even with the low mileage. Use TSS's negotiation advice and also mention all the options you're not getting with this one, such as NAV, bose, ultraview, magnetic ride, etc.
I'd make them change out ALL fluids and battery. Tires may be a problem since the car has not been driven and they are VERY expensive. Inactivity for that length of time can't be good. I assume the warranty would still be good for 4 years, Right? Low ball them as much as you can with a straight face. Lightning might strike. Weird situation IMHO!
I still don't think it is a good deal. My parents bought a 06 SRX with 12,000 miles on it and it has the certified warranty. They paid $32,000 in Dec.
I'm still waiting for the sales manager to talk to the owner.

I'm not really worried about it too much. If they don't want sub $30k then it will sit on the lot some more. The insurance company just totaled my Trailblazer and I'm picking up the check tomorrow.

I want them to at least rotate the tires and change the oil. I figure a gasket may go bad but the warranty should cover that. The dealer says "tires for life" on their card so I have to research if it includes Cadillacs. Probably not since they assume that we can pay for the tires since we paid big $$$ for the car.

Much more above $30k (or more like a little more) and I'm gone. The question is are they willing to accept a loss to get it off their lot.

If not it may be their static display Cadillac.
Dave's V: The tires are not rotated on the SRX since the front and rears are different sizes. As for the oil at 600 miles, it will not be a problem. The SRX has Mobil 1 that many do not change until 12,000 miles. Get a list of what is really on the car. As I recall the '04 and '05 stickers were too high. I do think that the base sticker was around 52,000 on the V8. The following is Kelly price for AWD and I threw in power seat for passenger. The dealer should be able to check the VIN for any recalls or any work done on the car. Possibly it did not run very well for 400 of the 600 miles. Just a thought!


Mileage: 1,000 Engine: V8 4.6 Liter Transmission: Automatic Drivetrain: AWD
Selected Equipment

Air ConditioningAM/FM StereoTraction ControlPower SteeringSingle Compact DiscLeatherPower WindowsOnStarRoof RackPower Door LocksDual Front Air BagsAlloy WheelsTilt WheelFront Side Air BagsCruise ControlABS (4-Wheel)
Dual Power Seats
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Mortcyn, that oil is at least 2 years old and I wouldn't leave it in there even if the car was never started. Cadillac recommends a change after 10 months REGARDLESS of miles.
Mortcyn, that oil is at least 2 years old and I wouldn't leave it in there even if the car was never started. Cadillac recommends a change after 10 months REGARDLESS of miles.
louisn: As I think about it, you are correct. More so since this SRX could have been driven 600 miles about 5 miles at a time. Good possiblity this SRX was built in May of 2004 which is three years and the model years change so early today. I remember when dealers would cover the windows of the showroom about October so we could not see the new models.
They didn't want to deal (didn't even return my calls today) so I took the car off my list. Really my list isn't that long since I prefer GM cars. I would have gave them $30-32k. I bought a 07 Chevy Impala SS for $25,500 with around 3 miles on the clock. It isn't Cadillac quality but I'm very happy with the car. I couldn't waste much time with this Cadillac dealer since my Trailblazer was totaled. I even bought my 05 V from this guy. Well I probably won't go through him next time when I do buy a Cadillac again. I wasn't about to get screwed with Cadillac depreciation again though and I won't again because I usually keep my cars for 4-5 years, unless I had a medical problem like my hip and the V. Take care guys. I'll probably check in once in awhile to check on the latest about Cadillacs.
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Enjoy the SS. They are great cars too. But for the better Cadillac warantee and service (at least at my dealer), the SS would be on the potential list when it comes time to replace my wife's 01 SLS.
Thanks! Here are a couple pics.

Not bad for slightly over $25k.
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