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Good bye XTS....traded in.

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Funny thing happened at the Caddy dealer yesterday. I've been looking at a CT5 lately. I then brought my XTS in to drop it off to have them look at the underbody (again) for a rattle I had on the passenger side when I drove over bumps...anyway, there was a CT4 on the showroom floor, good price options etc, I drove it, loved it, leased it.
Got some good rebates and cash from Cadillac mastercard. $500 Cad, $2,000 rebates, $400 points.Anyway, I loved the XTS, but I have a XT5 and that to me is a SUV-XTS. I wanted something smaller. My XT5 is my keeper vehicle. See you all in the CT4 or XT5 forums.
Thanks for all the great XTS advice and chats. :)
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That's unfortunate. I ride an FJR1300 and it's getting to be a bit tall and heavy. A cruiser would probably be easier on the legs for me, but it sounds like the Harley is still a bit much for you. Maybe a Tri-Glide or Spyder? Just to be able to continue to enjoy the wind?
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