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2005 STS W/NAV 56K
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Alright, I'm really gonna do it this time. I am getting ready to buy a Kenwood DNX 7100 or possibly one of the other Kenwood double din dvd/nav units. I just haven't decided how much I want to spend. I have Bose and the armrest cd changer.

What do I have to have to make this install go quickly and quietly?

I know about trimming the support under the dash to get the new hu to fit but I keep reading about Bose not working, etc etc and now I'm a little nervous. I have installed a few stereos before but nothing this nice or in this nice of a car. I don't want to jump in way over my head.

Does anyone have any pics or links to pics of 98-04 sts/sls with the Kenwood double din hu installed?

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