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Going to install a E&G Classic Style Grille

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I just purchased a E&G Classic Style Grille (Part# 1986-0101-06) for my 2008 Cadillac DTS. I've already looked-over the installation instructions and it doesn't look that difficult, but I wanted see if anyone has installed one of these grilles and if anyone has any tips for installation. Thanks.


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I guess I'm on my own with this grille. Oh well, wish me luck members.
Today I installed the E&G Classic Style Grille and it was a mini-headache. The grille looks awesome, but E&G's instructions were lacking.

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@hazcaddy: Yeah, I'll be around town. Gonna try and install my 22" wheels.
@big greg: Thanks, I like it better than the mesh too.
@RubirosaGGatsby: You're brave with no instructions, I heard that headlight is a nightmare.
@Asguard726: Thanks. That new CTS looks sweet!
@big greg: You can get it for $567.00 at www . usspeedonline . com
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@big greg: Try photobucket. It usually re-sizes the pictures automatically.
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