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Going Nutz

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I am so confused about my N* :cookoo:

First I have surging. Clean EGR, less surging.
Check fuel pressure-41lbs-43lbs. seem to hold. Did not do the return line block off.
Start car when cold to look for vacuum leak.
Car whistles/sucking sound, goes away, valves on the firewall
bank are clattering. :banghead:

Check oil, at the 1/2. add to the top, restart still clatter and no

check for leak with spray and could not tell anything.

Read the tech archives for days. :yup:

Go out and start car, no valve clatter and no whitle. :cookoo:
idle was a little high when cold and then dropped alittle as it warm and the
kinda changed ever so slightly every now and then.

Decide to WOT in case the valve clatter was Carbon induced.
Drove smooth untill full warm and WOT.
Pulled weakly and started surging /almost like a rev limiter, mine is 130/

Tried a few times and it always had that weak and pulsing WOT.

After reading I guess the whistle would be the backfire valve? car has
been BFing alittle on start, not normal.

So is the valve $33.00 the surging culprit?
Is the fuel pump getting weak and can't supply the injectors at WOT?

Help! :banghead:
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Thanks Ranger for replying. :thumbsup:

Can I get you to hang off the hood to read the gauge? :) J/K

I will tell you, something ain't right. But what? :(
Short hose on the gauge? Mine was too. I got another length and a barbed brass coupler and lengthened it. An old R12 freon hose will work as well.

What was your car doing that you needed to check the fuel
pressure at WOT?
Did you have the same WOT symptoms as I?

Was your pump bad? Give man, give.
What were you looking for and what did you find?
Oh man, I bought that gauge so long ago I can't even remember what the problem was or what car I bought it for. I lengthened the hose just because I new it was to short and If I ever needed to diagnose a problem that required it taped to the windshield, I'd have it.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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