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Going from 1st to 2nd gen CTS

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Picked up my 1st gen from service today. Made some basic things but my mechanic said it would soon be time for some more expensive repairs.

I have been looking for a 2nd gen CTS-V for a while and was close before x-mas but the vehicle had manual transmission and I want aut.

It is damn difficult to find a good CTS-V in Northern Europe - so back to the mechanic.

He had a 2013 white fully loaded 2nd gen 3.6 estate with Recaro seats and paddle shift. I tried it and it is impressive compared to my old Caddy. And the 3.6 works really well with perfect balance in the vehicle. The car is his own car (no sale - I simply take over the leasing contract) has low mileage and the mechanic has changed a lot of parts just to make it feel like new. Simply put: this is the best kept Cadillac in Northern Europe.

Has any of you driven both the CTS 3.6 and 6.2? I guess you can't compare when it comes to pure acceleration, but how is the handling of the cars, I guess the 6.2 should be nose heavy and brakes on their limits with 567 bhp.

The 3.6 has winter tires, treated with anti corrosion, has towbar - simply all the things I need and would have to buy in case I go for the CTS-V. It is not possible for me to test the CTS-V as I have to import it from Germany.

What would you do?

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Is it a wagon?
Thanks for info. What about Bose hifi. I have in 1st gen and it is okay.
It has Bose. It is..."OK" as you described your current CTS.
Yep, the Bose is not too bad at all. Not the greatest, but far from the worst either.
Marginally superior to the Symphony Sound in my '89. :)
Thanks again for letting me know. During the test ride I did not have to push into manual mode. I just pressed the buttons / paddles on the steering wheel.
It is perfect for the roads we have here : 80 kmh and one lane. For overtaking you need to slam it in the right gear before flooring it.
Cant remember which axle ratio it had. It went at least 60 miles in second gear. And at 90 kmh it went 1500 rpms in 6 th gear.

I do not like too high geared.
If premium RWD wagon, 3.42 rear
If premium AWD wagon, 3.23 rear
That's crazy, not even like 300 hp is all that much to be honest, and the CTS is not exactly fast even with that 300+ hp. Hope you get it sorted soon and can start enjoying driving it!!
Yup, crazy.
My friggin Tahoe is 320 hp!
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