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Going for a test drive soon, what to look for?

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Hi Everybody, I currently own a 2003 esv, and am thinking of upgrading to a new premium 2015i.
I was wondering what pointers any of you could give me (or other potential buyers.)

It already has the second design cameras (AD0) installed on it, so it should be a clearer image.
It has the 8 speed transmission, so that should help on the highway.
I am going to look for a rough idle after it gets up over 45mph and slows back down.
I like that it has the new style logo, so it should look current for a few years to come.
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top of the list is varied speeds looking for vibrations.
most of the vehicles do not have it, but a number do.
they change tires, wheels, and a variety of other things.
if you notice the vibrations early on in the test drive skip that car. it rarely gets better.
a few have had it fixed by lowering the air pressure in the tires.
some have changed tires, some have changed much more, some still have ti and invoke the Lemon Law.

mine is 2 months old and 2000 miles and 100 engine hours.
No problems.
Going from a 2003 ESV to the new 2015i will always be going for the new one. I had my 2009 escalade hybrid and it was super quiet than the 2015's first edition I drove. I thought the new touring and sport suspension would be noticeable but after driving my 2015i platinum for awhile, it drove just like my hybrid. The interior is what blew me away. I initially liked the Kona but after driving a loaner kona, glad I got the black with alcantara.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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