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Do you regularly drive your Cadillac at 7,000 feet or above?

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i bought '95 sls early spring. found this site soon after. joined and then lost use of e-mail. just got it back. have no clue what old passwords etc were so joined again. only posted couple of times back then. anyhow, i'm excited to have high speed internet and a high speed caddy. two major tickets and going to dmv suspension hearing in two days. live in small mounain town and apparently because of no public transpo and long distances between places, "red" license is quite probable. been to radar detector discussion tonight. mind boggling to say the least. stupid not to have one with lead foot like mine but now i'm the cruise control kid. went to oil leak forum but no help. anyhow, like most things, i got to this sight by going 'roung my elbow to get to my thumb. my experiences with n* are probably a bit different than most due to fact majority of my driving is between 8000 feet and 11000 feet elevation. live in colorado rockies. owned texaco station from 70 to 75. gas was 36.9 when i bought and 78.9 when i sold. got out cause gas was to expensive and i had to put in a self service island. ugh.
went to work as diesel mech in molybdenum mine for next 30 years. theoretically, hp loss is 3% for every 1000 feet elevation gain. so my n* is slower than yours. jeehossaphat, you sea level guys must smoke tires leavin every stoplight. well, i've introduced myself long enuff. will be spending alot of time here. need to find out how to fix automatic antenna that won't retract, bose cd player that won't take burned cd's, find out where oil leak is, (valve cover, i hope) find out why rear discs aren't working as hard as front discs, and like that. nothing major but want to get my seville in tip top shape. had 113 k when i bought and has 128 k now. drivingt it in mountains is a blast. handles like sports car.
i don't claim to be a cad tech, just hoping to become cad web sight tech. gotta be to get around this sight. maybe i should just get a rambler because as you can see, i are one.
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