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I've always thought they should grab the young boys out of the wash & detail bays to work on the CUE's. Those boys would probably have hacked CUE and have it working better and doing more than it was designed to do!

My CUE problem took their so called "CUE Expert" 42 days to figure out! And finally the Svc mgr said he was going to call and get approval to replace the unit...the person(s) he called suggested updating the software...BINGO...the update fixed the issues....and we had suggested they do the updates on our first or second time back at the dealer! 42 days...ridiculous!!!!

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If GM hires 8,000 computer geeks, with salary and benefits, minimum wage, that's around $33,000/year per person = $264,000,000 a year increase.

The mid-year GM car pricing will inflate to offset the cost.

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