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GM sells HUMMER brand- brings more production back to US

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GM announced it has reached a deal to sell HUMMER to a (currently) undisclosed buyer.

The deal reportedly will keep the ~150 HUMMER Dealers in the US open for business while the new owner develops additional vehicles to be sold under the HUMMER brand name. GM will continue producing the H3 at its plant in Shreveport and supplying them to the new owner until at least 2010, and also plans to bring the production of additional H3s in Africa back to Shreveport.

Full story here.
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Probably sold to an arab casino owner in exchange for a 7-11 gift card.
While they weren't necessarily my cup of tea -- losing that brand is a loss to GM as a whole. Maybe the new owner will develop a competitor to the Wrangler, and GM will regret selling it.
Chevy (or GMC) could make/sell whatever Hummer did.
Chevy can also make whatever GMC does (and in fact, does -- except for the Denalis)...

To make a Chevy w/a pseudo military look would probably not be the best idea -- it's too niche.

I wish the new owners luck.
HA HA HA -- if not for irony -- apparently the Chi-Coms are the ones to buy Hummer. This ought to be interesting...
We need to start producing IEDs now to be ready for them when they take over the country in Hummers.
Don't cuss me ;-)
That's Chinese for "Hummer." :coffee:
I thought it was pronounced "figh dollah"? No wait- that's Vietnamese.
You can go into most all jewerly stores and ask to see an OPAL
You can go into most all jewerly stores and ask to see an OPAL
Indian villagers marry frogs to appease rain Gods. Story at 11.
Opal? Aren't they the ones that make the Camero?
Opal? Aren't they the ones that make the Camero?
Opal is almost like cameo.
Thank God. Hummer was probably the dumbest thing GM's done in modern times. All short-term gain with no long-term potential. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.
an Opal Camero? Isn't that the car with all the wheel waytes?
Hummer was a great idea, ruined. Failure to develop and mature the brand.
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