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yeah I saw it, I loved it how when they were in the parking garage and it was loaded with Caddys.... a few 70's DeVilles, I saw a 50's DeVille and/or Series 62, one of the 70's DeVilles got shot up alittle (damn sob :) ) then you see the new CTS haul a$$ outta there...... I like the CTS, I think it's a nice car, but I am glab they didn't just wreck it up, they completly ran it to the ground, it kept going, and going and going, after like 5000 bullets, 1 flat tire, smashed into walls/cars etc... no roof and much more, it kept going.... then finally blew up when the Esclade blew up...... but I loved the scene with the CTS, and even to someone who has no idea what car is what, you can clearly see in many of the angles that it's a Caddy :D
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