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Some great reads on the GM powertrain website regarding changes to the northstar (and "northstar system) for 2007 and previous, this includes the 4t80 transaxle and the others that bolt to the Northstar Engine.

For All of GM Engines/Transmissions


LC3 (4.4L Supercharged Northstar) New/07_LC3.doc

LH2 (RWD Northstar): New/07_LH2.doc

6L50 (6 Speed Auto Transmission to Replace previous 5 Speed): New/07_MYB.doc

6L80 (6 Speed Auto, big brother to 6L50): New/07_MYC.doc

L37 (291HP Transverse): New/07_L37.doc

LD8 (275HP Transverse): New/07_LD8.doc

4T80 (4 Speed Transverse Transmission): New/07_MH1.doc
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