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GM Payment Protection Plan

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Has anyone seen/known about this. It appears Gm is offering their version of a Hyundai Assurance Plan. From what I read they will pay up to 9 months if you lose your job (max $500 a month). Here's the link with more info >>
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I just saw this. Since I bought my new CTS less than a month ago, I'm gonna see if they will honor it on my recent purchase.
I read the fine print and apparently if you receive a severance package of any kind, GM will not honor it.


D. What is Not Covered Under This Agreement:

This Agreement does not apply to and will not provide payment if:

• You are receiving termination or severance pay;
This counts me out immediately, and is among other things which invalidate the plan. Be sure to read over the fine print before considering payment protection.
and GM still isnt competing with Ford...theirs is longer for for a larger payment...
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