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I have a 2002 Seville STS and a 2004 Toyota Solara convertible. I bought the Seville early in 2013 with 70K miles (it has 151K on it now). I bought the Solara about the same time with about 5K miles (it has 112K on it now). Both cars are kept in a climate controlled garage and fluids are checked weekly. Repairs for both cars when required (NO deferred maintenance!). Both previous owners serviced the cars at dealerships.

As much as I like the Seville, the Solara is a better car. Maybe because of the mileage difference, they will turn out to be equal; but I doubt it! This may well be my last GM car. For whatever reason, GM continually introduces an excellent car; then doesn't improve it and finally either cancels the car or all but abandons it. They have forgotten integrity and loyalty to customers. So now we "sucker" loyal buyers are expected to jump into GM's EVs. Should be interesting!.

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Funny, that jogged my memory. My boss' wife's car was a Solara he drove in a couple times right after I started a new job in '07. I had never heard of that model, but the lines looked pretty good and the connie top I recall smacked of a Ford Skyliner? Even an XLR. LOL

Well, I remarked on it one day that he's gotten his wife a nice-looking ride and he proceeded to light into me like I lost any brownie points I'd ever hope for no matter long I worked there. He said the only reason he had to drive in was all the GD MF service work the dealer was too dam dumS&$I to figure out, and / or didn't GAS or care about doing correctly. Pretty much quoting him.

Cliffs: Any horror story with any car on any day will be as much a factor of the assembly-line and the component design and QA/QC as just poor luck of the draw. Just never buy anything the first year design released, or built the day before or after a weekend or holiday, during hunting season in Michigan, or an hour after lunch or an hour before shift change. Or a Ford.

Now the much bigger issue might be what's prompted posting in the Ceil section.
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