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Dear Cadillac Customer:
November, 1998
As the owner of a 1990-93 Cadillac Allantéé, your satisfaction with our product is very important to us. Your vehicle was provided with a new vehicle warranty which covers certain parts of your vehicle for a specified period. This warranty has been valuable to you if you experienced problems with your vehicle. Your warranty coverage is being extended to cover certain parts (and associated labor costs) of the convertible top front latching mechanism. Components of this mechanism may be damaged due to improper latching of the convertible top in the up position,and could result in the top being pulled up and back while driving at highway speeds.
CONDITION: Some 1990-93 Cadillac Allantéé models may exhibit a condition in which the convertible top does not latch properly at the windshield header. This conditions may result from a failure to perform the top latching procedure in the correct sequence. Specifically, the front windshield header latches must be secured PRIOR to securing the latch at the rear of the top assembly.If the front of the convertible top is not properly secured, the latching mechanisms may not be fully seated and engaged to each other before the header motors are activated, which may result in damage to the strikers, alignment pins, and alignment pin reinforcements. If the top is not correctly secured, it may be pulled up and back while driving at highway speeds, resulting in damage to the top.
ACTION: General Motors is sending owners of 1990-93 Cadillac Allantéé models special laminated instruction cards (enclosed) with clear, easy to follow instructions for proper latching of the convertible top in the "up" position. Please read the instruction card carefully and follow the steps outlined on the instruction card the next time you raise your convertible top. When you read the instruction card, you'll see that it includes a step to make sure that the top is secured at the front windshield header after the front latches are secured. Both the latching and verification step are to be performed PRIOR to securing the rear latch.
If you have a concern about how to operate your convertible top properly, your Cadillac dealer will demonstrate the correct procedure for you. A demonstration video tape is also available for you to review at the dealership.
Also, special warranty coverage is being extended to owners of 1990-93 Cadillac Allantéé models. If you have experienced the improper latching condition described above, and you bring your vehicle to your Cadillac dealer before October 31, 1999, your dealer will inspect the front latching mechanism and, if necessary, repair the front convertible top latching mechanism at no charge to you. Any other repairs to other parts of the top latching mechanism, the convertible top fabric, braces, or other parts of the convertible top mechanism are not covered by this special warranty coverage. Any repairs that may be necessary due to other conditions would be your responsibility, if you elect to have your dealer provide the service.
THIS IS NOT A RECALL CAMPAIGN. Do not take your vehicle to your Cadillac dealer as a result of this letter unless you believe your vehicle has experienced the condition described above, or you want your dealer to explain the proper convertible top latching procedure as described in the laminated instruction card enclosed with this letter.
Contacting Your Dealer: Repairs qualifying under this special coverage must be performed by a Cadillac dealer. You may want to call the service department at your dealer to schedule a service appointment at the most convenient time form you. Your dealer can tell you how long they will need to have your vehicle to complete this service procedure. Please keep this letter with your other important glovebox literature for future reference.
Should your dealer be unable to schedule a service date within a reasonable time, you should contact the Cadillac Customer Assistance Center at the appropriate number listed below:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center Telephone Number -- 1-800-255-2683
Deaf, Hearing Impaired or Speech Impaired * -- 1-800-833-2622
(* Utilizes Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf/Text Telephones) (TDD/TTY)
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you; however, we have taken this action in the interest of your continued satisfaction with our products.
Cadillac Motor Vehicle Division
General Motors Corporation
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