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GM Complete Care Maintenance

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Guys just wondering if anyone has the Complete Care maintenence on thier V. My understanding is that it covers oil changes and tire rotation? GM offered this to me after putting me through hell and back with this car (blown out of state 435 miles away differential) thanks.
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yup, oil changes and tire rotation for 12 mos or 12K miles, whichever comes first. I had it when my V was down 24 days cause they couldnt find a gas tank.

Great, they giving it to me for 2 years 24k miles. Not bad.
those bastards haven't given it to me, and i've blown differential, half-shafts, wheel hub bearing, and transmission

call the 800# and complain...its kinda their standard "response"
of course if you do this stuff yourself it's like "thanks alot"

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gm needs to get working, My car just came out after a month at the delear and they didn't even change my differental which was my biggest complaint. I guess they want to see little pieces falling off the v before they change it.
To be honest, their customer service has been great. My situation was kind of rare I think though. I blew the diff the day before thanksgiving in my home state, PA and I live in NC. Right now I have a G6 rental, which isnt all that bad. They were willing to fly me back to PA to pick up but I couldn't justify wasting my time doing that. They also offered to flatbed it down. I need it for this weekend though.
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