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I went yesterday, drove a number of vehicles, including the new DTS, the surrent STS, and CTS. All I can say, is that Cadillac is dead. The DTS, supposed to be the most luxurious car they make, rides rougher than my g/f's 5 year old Maxima. They have these little "potholes" and speedbumbs that you run over, to test the absorption abilities of each car... The DTS failed miserably IMO. Going over the bumps, I think every inch of them was transferred through the car, directly to me. It's been a while since I truly cringed in pain going over a speedbump. I did that in a lot of vehicles, including ones I shouldn't have. My fleetwood over the bumps, is noisy a bit, bu you don't feel it directly in your back. The DTS, CTS, and STS all transferred it directly to my back.

Now, aside from that rant... The PontiacVibe GT was a kinda fun little car, but, the damn thing wouldn't fork over first gear. No matter how I cajoled and wiggled that shifter, R, 3... So I made the run in 2nd. The Silverado SS... 390 horse doesn't do it, end of story there. I dunno, I had fun, but overall, GMs cars didn't leave me very impressed. Oh, except 2. The chevy Aveo because it was actually gentler over the bumps thand the Caddies (disturbing) and of course, the monstrous Vette. The Vette just performs so well, and it seems to be getting better assembled inside. Plus that 6.0L sounds so good... I'd still open the exhaust more, but it sounds pretty good stock. Oh, other car I kinda liked was the Saab convertible. The turbo lag was annoying, but once it got there, that little thing scooted nicely. Pretty playful too, and softer over those bumps than te DTS. (Yes, the DTS harshness really bugged me.)

But, bout all I got folks. :p Didnt get to be there all day like last year.
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