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Ghost Ride Da Whip

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Hah! Good for her! :thumbsup:
Shooting on the move, with mobile cover, and actually hitting the intended target? She also cleared a malfunction without ever taking her eyes off the target. This is MY kind of woman! :thumbsup: She paid attention during training.
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She probably puts in extra time at the range vs just doing the annual qualification too. :thumbsup:
lol i never paid much attention the rest of the video:D just the part with the music:D
Umm, why did she shoot her own car?
I think those were impacts from the robbers bullet entering the rear windsheild and striking the front one. Although she could have been firing through her own car, but from where her gun was relative to the holes, she would have been shooting her back seat if indeed she was firing into her own car.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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