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Hi folks. Finally the old faithful Caddy gets a project. I want to run this by everyone and any suggestions or opinions are welcome.

I'm going to order some weatherstripping and get my local auto upholstery guy to get this job done. He did some trim on my Roadmaster and I liked his work.

Major problem is the "kits" offered by Steele and USA Parts Supply are only for hardtops. But I have the rarer pillared sedan. I called Steele and they blew me off and didn't want to help. Then I tried USA Parts and they were very helpful. Together we decided I should order the hardtop kit with a couple extras and hopefully my installer will get creative and make it work. I'm going to run it by my installer before I order.

I plan to order the following:

$356.95 for 1968 Cadillac 4-door hardtop kit

-roof rail seals
-door surrounds
-vent window rubber
-vent window division seal
-rear window to front glass (do I need this?)
-trunk seal (got one already but I'll take the spare)

$126.50 for extra pair of roof rail seals

-since I have a pillared sedan and not a hardtop, I'm hoping my upholsterer can use one roof rail seal for each of the 4 doors. (think this will work?)

$43.95 x 4 for 4' inner window seals

$27.90 x 4 for 4' outer window seals

$770.85 total. Yikes! I may try to work them for a price since they don't have a "kit" for my car.


-Is USA Parts Supply any better or worse than Steele?

-My paint is good now. But say if I decide in 5 years to repaint, is all this stuff garbage or can it be salvaged?

-Do I need anything else for the weatherstripping? Thinking I might order another sound dampening sheet for under the hood, and a pair of rubber pieces that go just forward of the front wheel wells. Also the rubber piece across the trunk threshold looks ratty but don't know where I can get one.
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