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Getting this '93 FWB, what kind of mpg to expect?

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With Jim's, aka The Fleetwood Guy, great help in checking the car out and supplying a few fine odds and ends it needs, this '93 will be delivered Sunday or Monday. Its got 128K on it. Curious on what kind of mpg's they should get in proper tune and what mods might increase mpg. We are out in a rural area and the commute is 25 miles one way mostly at highway speeds.



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I'll keep on top of the items you mentioned plus tire pressures of course. I knew the LT-1's were getting that mpg highway, but not knowing much about the LO5's, I'm pleasantly surprised to hear you're getting 25 mpg highway with yours, especially since it has the V4P.

Mine has the same engine and I get total suck (13mpg) in the city but highway mileage is around 22-24 and my car is much boxier and less aerodynamic than the '93 and up models.
Good point.
Thanks for the congrats. It should be here in 2 hours.

Nice looking '96. 17 mpg in the city sounds good to me. :)

I like hearing that!

I had a '91 Town Car for 130K miles and drove a Roadmaster recently, but never have driven a '93-96 FWB, just the previous gen, so I have no idea what to expect.

I live down the street from an ADESA auction, so every transporter that I see approach I think ours is on it.

I think I need to watch my caffeine intact! lol

I've been getting 18mpg in my 1991 with the 350. I got 24mpg cruising at 80mph on the interstate.
Nice :thumbsup:
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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