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Getting this '93 FWB, what kind of mpg to expect?

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With Jim's, aka The Fleetwood Guy, great help in checking the car out and supplying a few fine odds and ends it needs, this '93 will be delivered Sunday or Monday. Its got 128K on it. Curious on what kind of mpg's they should get in proper tune and what mods might increase mpg. We are out in a rural area and the commute is 25 miles one way mostly at highway speeds.



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I get 15 mpg with normal city driving. If I sit in a lot of traffic jams it will dip into 13 and below, but cruising on straight highway on road trips it will top out at 25 mpg if you keep it below 80 mph.

And I have the V4P towing package, which gets worse gas mileage, so you may do even better than what I get.

First thing's first when it comes to optimizing your gas mileage - maintenance. Make sure you're up to date on scheduled maintenance items like air filter, spark plugs/wires, etc.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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