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WEAPON-X Complete Cam Kits
Looking to make more efficient positive displacement supercharged power and more aggressive lope (increasing by stages below) in your V3 or LT4 swapped vehicle? Then step into one of our complete WEAPON-X cam kits for your next upgrade! We have stage 1,2 and 3 kits available that are all compatible with the stock converter!

LT4 Complete Kits include:

  • Camshaft premium 5150 core
  • LT4 PAC .660 lift dual spring kit, PRC titanium retainers, stock guide locators, locks, and Viton seals for stock rocker arms
  • Billet C5R or C7R Timing Chain
  • Cam phase limiter, DOD plugs, HPFP lashcap
  • Chromoly pushrods
  • Rocker Trunion Kit
  • Gasket Bolt Kit: LT4 head gaskets, LT4 exhaust manifold gasket, LS2 lifter trays, LT4 camshaft bolts, ARP wet sump crankshaft bolt
  • Lifter options: None, Chevrolet Performance LS7s, Johnson drop in and link bar axle oiling, Morel drop in and link bars
  • ARP LT Head Studs w/ M8 Corner Bolts (optional)

PM or email [email protected] to discus your kit and best pricing​
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