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Well, before we take off for Florida in the morning I wanted a tech to take a quick look at the Deville and make sure nothing was about to fall off or come apart. Melissa dropped it off at General about 9am this morning, and they shuttled her in to work in West Chester. I'd made a note for the service guy to check the CKPs since she's had it stall a few times here and there, and just give the old girl (the Deville, not Melissa..) a once over.

Service guy called about 11, broken motor mount - said he'd combine the labor for the MM and the CKPs to save a hundred bucks or so, which was nice.

Checked the AC, blowing 40F, no service necessary. Didn't try to sell me on anything else.

Checked all four tires, replaced the cabin air filter (didn't even know Deville's had one!), which cost $60 bucks! (but only $19 labor..)

Total bill came out to $870, knock off the $50 for tax, and labor/parts were just about evenly split. The MM was $140, the two sensors $140.

Shuttled Melissa back from work to pick up the car (in a SAAB station wagon, she said she hated it.. lol)

Based on this one visit, giving General Sales a 9.5 out of 10 - would have been better but it turns out the guy driving up to get her (in the Deville) saw the "Check Coolant" light come on, so he turned around and took it back to the shop - they checked it and realized it was only the sensor, so that made Melissa wait an extra 45 minutes. She'd wanted to get out early to make a stop in Wilmington, but it was too late now.

I should have remembered to tell them to ignore the warning, but forgot..

Good guys, very pleased with the service, communication and overall the cost was reasonable. Especially the combined labor for the MM and CKPs - I think many dealers would have full-priced both jobs.

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