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Gen 3 Lock Pick versus GNET_GMUNLOCK

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Anyone out here has installed the Gnet_GMunlock?
With all the problems with the Gen 3 Lock pick, I would think someone would have installed the later.
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I can't believe that with so many horror stories coming from the Costal Gen3 lock pick, that no one out here has tried the Gnet_GMunlock. Maybe I will be the ginnie pig (?) and try them out.
i have never heard of the gmunlock. im a bit of a rookie around here so it doesnt surprise me that i havent heard of it. Im def gonna be looking into it. keep us posted if you give it a shot

Thanks for the heads up,
The Gnet_GMunlock seems to be better than the Lockpick in terms that you are not pushing buttons multi times to get a function, I just do not want to have to remove the unit if I have a warranty issue with the Nav/radio.
I was checking out the Coastal lockpick on line yesterday. Sounds like it's no good??? I watched their video and noticed they hit the window lock button 4 times to get a video to come up on the screen - seemed a little goofy. I guess I'll look into the Gnet then.

As far as Ipod connectors, I've got it narrowed down to peripheral or iConnect. I've read on several occasions on this forum the nucleus isn't very good. If anyone has any thoughts on the two please let me know.
I have the Neucleus, others have had problems, I am very happy with mine even with it's limitations. :)
So has anyone tried the Gnet GM unlock yet? I'm a new '07 Escalade owner looking to get Nav and DVD while driving. Also has anyone pluged in the iPod unlock yet from Coastal?
If you look at both of these units, they seem to be the same. The GNET is just rebranding of the lockpick... the installation manual looks the same and it uses the same mute/window lock buttons to make it work.

Someone tell me I'm wrong as I'd like an option to the lockpick, also (all I want to do is enter data to my NAV while driving... why is that so hard to allow? Heck, I'd be happy to use voice commands to spell out the destination as well, but that feature is gone... I think I saw it a few years ago in another Caddy, but I don't remember which).

"To override the the navigation address input, XM and toggle the video input on the module, a series of buton presses is required."

This quote is from the gmunlock website...same thing with the window switches...
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