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I have a 2000 El Dorado ESC with 100K miles on it. Recently I drove from Cincinnati to Put-in-bay and back over a weekend. I did my best to stay around 80 MPH on the highway. Some places you simply cannot. This thing ran like a champ even with the air conditioning on most of the trip. I got 27.8 MPG with an almost 20 year old car, 100K miles on it and the Northstar 32 valve V-8 never missed a beat. I could not believe it. Another added bonus is the "Check Oil Level" light has not come on since the trip. Before I would get the "Check Oil Level" every 2000 miles or so. I even carried 2 quarts of oil expecting to add oil on the trip. This long distance trip at a constant high speed was the best thing to ever happen to this car. A very comfortable ride, great performance, 87 octane (regular) gas. I am a believer now!!! It ran like a Cadillac should.

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That fuel mileage is common in many of these VIN Y Northstar FWD cars. The base and DHS Devilles will do it, too. 87 octane fuels recommended, especially TopTier fuels.

A well-exercised 2000 - 2005 Northstar should get well over 2000 miles to the quart of 5W-30 engine oil. Mine gets over 6500 ......... The GM/Cadillac TSB concerning Northstar oil consumption wants at least 2,000 miles per quart, minimum when the oil is maintained at the correct level.

From the Engines; Northstar stickies - read all of it and keep it in context - especially the correct oil level paragraphs -

A city Northstar is a pig of an engine - drive it like you stole it.

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certainly can't complain about almost 28 mpg
from a big heavy car - with a V8 - and a 4-speed trans - on regular gas -

SO - WHY don't the new - smaller - lighter - Eurolacs -
with a 4 cylinder - or V6 - and a 6 or 8 speed trans - get 40+ mpg?
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