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I have mentioned it here and here in different posts, but figured I'd throw it all down here since I'm draining and flushing the system after the thermostat got stuck. I had lost my notes I previously took when I did this the first time 4 years ago. During the interim time it got drained and filled back up with dex during a water pump change done at the dealership, so I was able to see both temp ranges with the exact same setup and the only thing that changed was the coolant.

I am running an alradco radiator which adds +35% to the system capacity. So from 3.4 gallons to 4.5 gallons. This works out to 17.034L (ish)

7 Liters to 10 L distilled water is what I used today. I am accounting for the remaining amount in the block as being about 300ml.

That achieved a ratio of 60% distilled water to 40% G13 coolant. This is the ideal mix for my area and climate.

5 bottles of VW G13 concentrate (not pre mix) is perfect. 1.5L bottles are available in concentrated or pre mix. I used concentrated. Depending on your climate requirements, the premix version maybe a better choice for the stateside peeps.

Do not use this ratio if your neck of the woods is below 0/freezing. Research will guide you to the proper mix for your area.

Do 2 coolant flushes with just water, then when ready to fill it, add the G13 to the system, then the distilled water. In that order of operations. You can pre mix everything in a 5 gallon bucket if you prefer as this will leave some room for top ups later on.

You will have to convert the units to SAE if you don't use the metric

My car ran a rock solid 90c water temp with G13 coolant vs 100-106 with occasional spikes to 112c with the dex.

Hopefully this helps someone in the future somewhere. Though it will most likely help me should I come back later on and forget how much I used.

This stuff has a higher boiling point in a pressurized system than Dexcool and has so far in my experience proven to be a superior coolant with my particular setup. A 5-10c drop in operating temps is a big drop.

I don't know that I would bother if I lived in a non desert climate, but figured I would throw this info out there for anyone who may need it.



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