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FYI- Externally Threaded Wheel Locks

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I see a lot of pictures of everyone's cars on here, and it seems 90% of you are rocking the "One lugnut doesn't match the others" look. Well, being the swell guy I am I figured I'd share a part # with you:

12498074 - Wheel locks, externally threaded. Set of Four.

Now you can call up James and Luke and Lindsay and order these and four of the little plastic chrome caps that screw over them- now your lug nuts all match! Sweet!

This Public Service Announcement brought to you by The Tony Show
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12498074 wheel lock kit--$22.95
9593175 stainless steel screw on cap--$1.52 ea
thanks tony.
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Luke hooked me up!.....thanks, Luke!
(Good find, Tony!)

No problem. I only discovered them myself about 6 months ago, and as I was browsing through some of the picture threads I noticed that practically no one has them so I figured I'd share.

(Plus I like sending Lindsay business for all the great service they've given me. :D)
Are they the same sty.e locks as all the other GM ones? Mine got stripped the first time they came off...I just went with gorilla locks, all chrome and they match pretty well. I forget, what size/thread lugs do we need? I'm gonna order some good ole' chrome acorn lugs...caps are annoying.
I like the caps becuase the edges of the chrome acorn nuts start to rust after being torqued. The caps cover up any blemishes or crud on the lugs, and can be easily removed to clean inside the lug holes without having to retorque lug nuts.
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