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Fuse panel cover!

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Does anyone have an issue with their fu#&&@g fuse panel cover?

The moron who designed the retention mechanism deserves to be shot!!!!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to latch it closed properly and twice now I’ve had it fall onto my feet while I was driving when the car hit a bump!!!

This thing could easily become jammed under the brake pedal and kill someone!

Simply ridiculous that something so moronic would ever be implemented in such a dangerous area.

What morons:mad:
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Well, I have not had such bad luck with it. I think the key is to push it up once you have it on the "balls" on the dash. The 2 screws on the bottom of it have to be turned until they kinda click and lock in place. Maybe yours are just worn... ?
I do not like mine either. The couple times I have worked in that area I have spent most of the time trying to get it on. Mine actually is bent a little from the previous owner or someone who worked on it. It has never fallen off while driving, just does not want to go back on when you take it off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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