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I was driving down the road minding my own business when I saw a wannabe riced out sunfire roll up behind me. I say wannabe because this POS doesn't even deserve to be called rice. The wheels were steelies with some fake plastic chrome wheel covers. The guy also had some sweet ass tints and a fart can too :rolleyes:
You are all probably all thinking this is going to be a street race by's not. It's even better. He decides he wants to be cool at the stop light and shows off how loud his farts are (revs the engine). I was driving an Escalade that could drive right over it. I hear his anal leak and brake torque the 'Lade. The V8 definately gets his attention. He turns to look at me and also notices a car full of cute girls. Thinking he was the sh!t, he rolls forward and revs his little four banger again. What happens next is priceless. The car full of girls just break out in laughter. The guy whimpers his engine down and rolls up the window enough so that no one can see his face anymore (remember the sweet ass tint). As the light turns green, he burns his clutch trying to leave some rubber and then gives the girls the one finger salute. A true playa...
I just couldn't help but laugh. It was the most fun I've had without breaking the speed limit. What was he on when he decided he was cool? Anyway, thought you'd enjoy the story.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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