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Funny scare video *no 56k*

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I just felt like this was worth passing on. This makes me want to put a BIG air horn on my Escalade. :lildevil:
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It's funny the first few times but after a while it get's a little old.
My Dad had a '67 VW Bug (it became my first car when I bought it from him). He put an obnoxiously loud 'Aaooga!' horn on it and his favorite pass time with it was to honk it at pedestrians walking in front of the car. They would usually jump like those in the vid. I thought it was funny at first but my Dad tends to take some jokes too far and as I said, it gets old.
Do you think I could put one of those on my Tank Eldo? I wonder how hard it would be to disconnect the factory horn and put in the "Conductors Special"?:lildevil:
I paid a visit to the site advertised on the video. They sell some pretty expensive airhorn set-ups. JC Whitney sells the same kind of set up for less than 100 smokes. I think tripple airhorns is just what the ELdo needs Ben! :lildevil:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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