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I recently received a funny email from someone who felt that:

"$1600 for a front and $1800 for a rear brake kit were the most absurd pricing he'd ever seen" :hmm:

After picking myself up off the floor from laughing....I feel maybe some folks should consider reviewing the market for such products before they offer opinions. :thepan:

TCE kits are commonly priced under the industry average from $200 to over $500 for comparable kits. $1600 for a front kit and what it contains is simply a bargain compared to similar manufactures. TCE has been know very well the past twelve year for providing not only cost effective alternatives but quoted by satisfied customers as "the best value going in aftermarket big brake kits". In many applications such as the Lightning, Impala SS and Focus for example TCE kits are commonly the bench mark that other kits are compared to in both performance and value.

We continue to offer the same for the CTS market and am quite sure you'll find the value here equally rewarding.
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