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Lincoln has just announced the return of the Continental. It is a gutsy move.....they first built the car, and THEN decided to call it the continental....I believe it will do VERY VERY well....

There is a growing desire in this country to return to our very deep, very unique, American roots. Bold Cadillac styling, that is Unapologetically American, and in your face
Build the is stunning and will be very well received.....and, I for one, would love to see it named Eldorado!
Don't see how it's gutsy. Lincoln has been an afterthought for years now and their MKS is so blah. As it all of their fleet. So they went from a bloated Taurus platform to a stretched Fusion platform and slapped a Continental name on it and it's gutsy?

Their execution should be better than past efforts, since if it's not the brand will die. But Cadillac is building world class cars now. Lincoln isn't. But...the public is not that smart, so...
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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