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fule filter ????

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why guys im sry to be posting so meny topics at the same time. whell my sts is a 1996 and has 48000 km on it. i was wondering if i shood change the fule filter yet cus its the orignal i beleve. i wat told i shood by my auto teacher so im gesing i shood but i was mostly wundering if thayrs anything that i need 2 do when i do so i know how and whair it is but im just not shur if i would ned 2 un hook the batery or anything like this???? thanx.
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Man, your posts are hard to read. Did someone mix up your keyboard keys?:hmm:
Be sure and bleed off the fuel pressure before you remove the fuel filter to avoid a bath.
thanx man i relly apreshaite it. no no one mixed up my keybord i just cant spell all what whelle. but i can probly spell beter than im doing usuly but i dype 2 fast on the comp im sry il try 2 make it beter.
No need to unhook the battery. It is located just under the driver's side of the car, before the rear wheel well. Be careful when removing the filter. You don't want to damage the line or the clips connecting the filter.
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