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Fueltank problems ?

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Hi all!!

I drive an STS -93 and my problem is that the engine stalls at low level in the fuel tank.
It appears with less than ¼ of fuel in the tank, but only when turning right. I also sense that the engine doesn’t work generally proper at the low level.I read somewhere in this forum that early fuel tanks had some problem. Now I have replaced the tank into one from an STS -94. Furthermore I have installed new fuel pump with filters, but the problem remains. Anybody who knows what can be the problem and not only advice to keep the tank full?

Finally; where is the chime (indicating lights on, or key in the lock when door is opened) located under the dash board?

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I believe there are baffles in the tank which help to keep the fuel accessable to the pump at low levels. I have heard of these breaking loose in the tank allowing the fuel to slosh around during turns which could cause the pump to starve at times. Someone correct me if I am wrong here.

You have stated that you've changed the tank and pump so that may not be the issue.

I imagine you have replaced your fuel filter, it might not make too much difference unless it is highly restricted by debris.

Have you checked your fuel pressure regulator for leaks?

You should get a fuel pressure gage, attach a length of hose with a fitting on the end to connect to the schrader valve on your fuel rail, tape the gage to your windsheild so that you can observe it while driving. Drive the car with the tank at various fill levels and check the pressure. It should remain somewhere in the 30-45 psi range. If it does not then you have a problem with either the fuel pump (still), regulator or restriction in the lines.
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