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Fueltank problems ?

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Hi all!!

I drive an STS -93 and my problem is that the engine stalls at low level in the fuel tank.
It appears with less than ¼ of fuel in the tank, but only when turning right. I also sense that the engine doesn’t work generally proper at the low level.I read somewhere in this forum that early fuel tanks had some problem. Now I have replaced the tank into one from an STS -94. Furthermore I have installed new fuel pump with filters, but the problem remains. Anybody who knows what can be the problem and not only advice to keep the tank full?

Finally; where is the chime (indicating lights on, or key in the lock when door is opened) located under the dash board?

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I was of the same belief but was once told that it is actually the fuel flowing through the pump that cools it. I'm not sure which is true but that does make sence or there would likely be many, many more bad pumps. I do agree with your theory though, but personally use 1/4 tank as a bench mark.
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