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Fueltank problems ?

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Hi all!!

I drive an STS -93 and my problem is that the engine stalls at low level in the fuel tank.
It appears with less than ¼ of fuel in the tank, but only when turning right. I also sense that the engine doesn’t work generally proper at the low level.I read somewhere in this forum that early fuel tanks had some problem. Now I have replaced the tank into one from an STS -94. Furthermore I have installed new fuel pump with filters, but the problem remains. Anybody who knows what can be the problem and not only advice to keep the tank full?

Finally; where is the chime (indicating lights on, or key in the lock when door is opened) located under the dash board?

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Thanks Kev

You mention loose baffles, there is any baffles at all in this tanks -93 -94,they was complete empty, what I could see! Maybe that is the problem!?

All fuelfilters are replaced and I have a new FPR with no leaks, I hope :)
But I can't see why this could be the problem, the problem only occur when the fuel level is under 1/4, with half tank and above the car runs fine.

Maybe there is something wrong with the "fuel delivering unit" in the tank ?
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