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fuel system tune up?

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for the north star is a fuel system tune up the same as a normal tune up cuz the dealer told me i need one cuz that may fix the rough idle i have on my 96 el do....
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What in the hell is a "fuel system tune up"? Sounds like it would go hand in hand with a crankcase flush. Use the money for plugs & wires, or send it to me and I'll perform an exorcism for your car.
Probably consists of replacing the inline fuel filter and pulling and cleaning the injectors. Maybe a throttlebody cleaning. (Look in the archives and try to find a TSB on your fuel system) Try a 20 oz. jug of Chevron TECHRON in a half tank of gas first. Go for a long drive, mostly at highway speeds. If that doesn't help, you may be stuck with $65/hr labor charges for ....hmmmm.....3.5 hours + parts. EWill or AJxtc can give you an idea of the flat rate times......
i've tryed that stuff but still idles rough... so they said a fuel system tune up would help along with some other stuff..
It will certainly help their bottom line. I'd clean the TB and most likely replace the plugs & wires (it's probably due).
i've had the plugs repalce when i did my head gasket..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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