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tekfx19 said:
YEs the story has a happy ending....that same day i went to pep boys and bought some fuel line hose, for like 5 bucks and then i took some cutters and guestimated the length i needed to cut to make it fit right(about an inch and a half) then i took off the fuel rail from the intake manifold....but left it attached to the 2 metal fuel lines cuz i didnt know how to get them i didnt want to risk anything. I had enough room work with it though....then i very forcefully cut off the plastic section between the injectors that was broken and put the new hose on and clamped it, the hard part after making everything nice and tight with the hose was getting the damn injectors and fuel rail and throttlebody and intake manifold all sitting properly back where it was....putting that stuff back took about 6 hours. then after praying for about 15 minutes i started the car, and it struggled as fuel was going back into the rail and pressurizing again...and i looked and NO MORE LEAK! i drove it for a couple of days without the caddy plastic engine cover on it to make sure but i never had a problem with it since then...and the only noticable change with the car after this happend (which i dont know whether this has anything to do with or not) is the gas milage went down a gallon or so from 16.5 to 15.3, which i think was because i was getting on it alot afterwords to test it under hard pressure.......OTHER THAN THAT IT DRIVES BEAUTIFUL cost of fuel rail fix approx: 5$ and about 11 hours of labor.

ps while i had all the stuff off, i cleaned the inside of the tb and the egr valve as well...

pps i am getting magnaflow mufflers on the car because the muffler guy said they were better than dynomax... can anyone attest to this on a 96 sts??? i already have the k&n cone so he said they would compliment each other increasing gas mileage and loudness etc....
This is not an uncommon fix seen in shops done by owners. One problem, why we se them in the shop- with the pressure folwing through the hose, what did you use to keep the hose on the fuel injectors? and what hose did you use. Looking at the price- Im guessing regular fuel line. Thats good for low pressure fuel systems, but with the preesures run now adays, Ive seen hose hjave problems w/ expansion and blow. Fuel on engine, engine on fire. Make sure you keep an eye on the hoses for signs of failure. Really the only good fix is the oem part. I know its $$$ but...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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