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AKPsiMC03 said:
does anyone make, or are there any metal fuel rails that will fit a northstar?

Ive had bad experience with plastic hoses being used as fuel lines before.

Besides, metal fuel rails would look sweet under there.
Ya I know how to get metal fuel rails =

it's called stick with the 4.9. Damn North* fools, switch out the 4.9 and there ya go. You even get more low-end power, and a water pump that ain't connected to the camshaft too! I see nothing but benefits! :D

BTW - It's not a 'hose' it's a 'vacuum line'. And maybe the reason it was so hard to get off was because the fuel system was pressurized! Try depressurizing it first, then try to twist the line off. It's not threaded so twisting should get it loose!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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