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Fuel Pressure Regulator.

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Aloha. I have been reading posts about fuel millage and the fuel pressure regulator. What tests can be performed and what is the cost of this item. I searched and found a warm up regulator for $750.00. Is this what is being talked about?

I also tried to download the manual for a 1991 Seville, 4.9L engine and the site would not let me add the year. Does that mean the 1991 is not available any longer, or is there another place to get one.
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Aloha! (from the Big Island)

The fuel pressure regulator is attached to the fuel rail with a vacuum hose attached to it. If you turn the key in the on postition, the fuel system will pressurize.Take off the vacuum hose from the FPR (key still in the on position) to see if any fuel is leaking to the vacuum side of the rubber diaphram. If it is, your fuel pressure regulator is bad. I don't know about its cost but its definatly not $750.

The best online manual I have seen is on . It costs $25 but it is really comprehensive.
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